The Reason Why No One Follows You


Social media is not that different from dating. The reason why you have no followers (or start losing followers) is the same reason you’re not getting a second date. You’re selfish. OK, not everyone reading this falls into the self-serving category, but take a moment to think about your social presence. Be honest about how […]

What B2B Can Learn from Burt’s Bees – Shifting the Why of Your Business or Service


Burt’s Bees’ new campaign, “Uncap Flavor,” offers insight into how strong messaging can shift the reason for purchase in a customer’s mind. The campaign is highlighted in this New York Times piece, which explains how the lip balm industry has changed its marketing strategy from a functional message (curing chapped lips) to a message about […]

Beyond Ego – A Key Marketing Teaching

Our culture drinks heavily of the Cartesian Kool-aid, “I think, therefore I am.” In other words, we identify with our thoughts. This identification solidifies further in professions which reward us for thinking. Over time, we increasingly value our thoughts, which is reinforced as our employers and customers reward us for them. And yet, just as […]

13 Ways to Adjust Your Content Marketing Dial

If you are like me, every year you set good intentions with regard to your health (you know the drill: eat right, exercise, and drink water). What happens? Life gets in way. But don’t give up. While the calendar might read March, it isn’t too late to make changes. It’s 2013 and HB is blogging […]

The Marketing Time Capsule – What has a place in the future? What should remain buried in the past?

In middle school I was given the easiest homework assignment ever — write a letter to my future self. Years later, the summer before…

What From 2012 Will be Celebrated in 2112?

As a Boston-area resident and worshipper at Fenway Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year, I find myself acutely aware of anything that dates back to 1912 (the list includes LL Bean, the Girl Scouts and Oreos). Luminaries born in 1912 include Julia Child, Jackson Pollock, and most importantly in my world, the patriarch […]

The Healthy Mind: Effectiveness Through Listening In and Listening Out

Business leaders, scientists, social leaders and even politicians are starting to understand how our fast-paced, outward-focused world hampers our ability to make the most of our time and keep a healthy mind – a mind capable of highly effective thinking, action and interpersonal communication…

Online Video Marketing

If a word is worth a word, and a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a million…

Updating Mad Men: The Focus Group

This week Mad Men featured a staple of the media world: the focus group. Whether it’s a telephone survey, like the call I received from Nielsen this weekend, or grabbing a group of people off the street, the focus group is a key part of any media outreach campaign. Before understanding the messaging and positioning […]

Vote for the Fresh Ground Blog!

We need your help. The Fresh Ground blog has been nominated as one of the Best Up-and-Coming blogs in the PR world and we need your help to win. Voting started today, Wednesday, and continues through Tuesday, June 22. If you’ve found this blog interesting and useful over the past couple of months, please link […]