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Fresh Ground Intel

Digital pioneer Clay Shirky put it best: “It’s not information overload. It’s filter failure.” Overload is one of the biggest obstacles to any listening program. Fresh Ground Intel solves this by adding context and value to the information you need to succeed. We dig deep into the social web to find information that is relevant to both internal and external communities – whether it's sales leads, competitive intelligence, market analysis or press mentions.

Fresh Ground Intel is the cure for information overload. We monitor, filter and add industry- and organization-specific context to the torrent of data coming from traditional, online and social media sources. We work alongside existing listening tools and help marketers get the right information to the right people--whether they are inside or outside the organization. Fresh Ground Intel helps marketers get the most value out of their listening tools.

What is Fresh Ground Intel?
Fresh Ground Intel delivers actionable industry insights that help organizations connect, learn and compete. Fresh Ground Intel is a fusion of monitoring and content curation tools, two very popular emerging technologies in the marketing management space. By adding human insight and context to the monitoring and filtering process, Fresh Ground Intel can quickly add value to individuals across an organization. Our hybrid technology/services business model was designed to be scalable, yet still remain “intimate.”

How does it work?
Fresh Ground scours the social web to find the information most relevant to you, whether that's a comment from a prospect on Twitter or an article in a major publication. We then understand the context for that information, track the source and present it to your internal or external audiences in a simple feed, email alert or web widget. No need to "guess" whether something is important; Fresh Ground adds the intelligence and context that tells you why you need to pay attention.

Your internal audiences could include your sales teams, marketing departments or your top executives. Each needs different information, or even the same information presented differently. Fresh Ground works with you from the start to identify the audiences, type of information they need and a way to deliver it to them that works best.

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