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Chuck Tanowitz

Todd Van Hoosear


Public relations is really all about storytelling. Let's be clear: by "storytelling," we don't mean "spinning a story." We mean building compelling narratives about your organization and its offerings that can help you start and maintain a dialogue with your influencers across multiple channels -- both "new" and "old" media.

Our Fresh Ground Content offering focus on creating new stories and leveraging existing stories to drive visibility. Our content production services include:

  • Storytelling Strategy: We work with your marketing, product, management and communications teams to develop a comprehensive storytelling strategy for your organization.
  • Content Asset Inventory: We undertake a comprehensive inventory of your existing content and content channels, identifying opportunities to reuse content and broaden the exposure of existing content
  • Content Development and Optimization: Once you know what to say you need a way to say it. We can produce the blogs, podcasts, tweets, video and other digital media to feed your community. We'll even write the full articles you need for traditional publications.
  • Social Site Development & Optimization: We can social- and search-enable your existing site, and develop a new site to meet your organization's rapidly changing needs.
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