You've written your business plan, you've laid the foundations, you've put your heart and soul into your new project. Now what?You need more than a business plan to launch your company. You need the right people, the right resources, the right processes, the right messages, the right design.

Bottom line: you only launch once. How do you make the most out of it?

LaunchCamp™ was designed to help you get to launch more quickly, and get more out of your launch. We invite other entrepreneurs, management professionals, marketing experts, venture capitalists and technologists to share their wisdom and lessons learned. LaunchCamp connects entrepreneurial organizations -- especially bootstrapped, angel-funded and early-stage venture-funded businesses -- with the ideas, resources and people they need to know in order to launch their companies. LaunchCamp focuses on the essential decisions needed to launch a brand, product or service.

LaunchCamp takes a fresh look at PR, marketing, social media and management -- and the technologies and tools that have evolved around these areas -- and attempts to identify the challenges that organizations face in the launch process.


This event is perfect for entrepreneurial organizations -- especially bootstrapped, angel-funded and early-stage venture-funded businesses -- looking to accelerate their growth using social tools and techniques. It is for both skeptics and those who need to convince the skeptics. It's also perfect for "intrapraneurs": innovators within larger organizations who are trying to create change.


Coming Soon to a City Near You. LaunchCamp will be coming to a city near you later this year or next. Watch this space for a full schedule as we get our tour planned.

How You Can Participate

LaunchCamp complements the thousands of events focused on connecting up entrepreneurs with investors, and the three or four major launch venues (e.g., SxSWi, DEMO, TechCrunch) -- really filling the void between these two.

The inaugural event was a big hit, with 180 attendees, more than 80 streaming video viewers and a huge waiting list of unfulfilled demand, and we want to take the show on the road.

We're looking for:

  1. Connectors -- We need the local perspective: someone on the ground in each town who can help us identify the venues, vendors and entrepreneurial hotspots, events and thought leaders. In exchange, we'll offer free event passes and discounted sponsorship opportunities to a few select folks who help us early on in each city.
  2. Speakers -- We need good local presenters with their fingers on the pulse of entrepreneurship, local resources, case studies, tech trends and business opportunities to fill a day-long program. See below for speaking opportunities.
  3. Vendors/Sponsors -- Do you have a product or service aimed at helping entrepreneurs grow their business? LaunchCamp is a perfect and inexpensive way to reach this audience. See below for sponsorship opportunities.
  4. Entrepreneurs -- Needless to say, this is the event for you!


Attendance at LaunchCamp is restricted to entrepreneurs, speakers and participating sponsors. LaunchCamp tickets are available to qualified entrepreneurs for $40 per person.

Speaking Opportunities

If you are interested in joining or leading a panel discussion, giving a keynote address or running a breakout session, please keep your eyes out for a call for speakers for an event near you!

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available to attendees:

Attending Sponsor
We limit the number of entrepreneurs for whom the discounted $40 admission is available. If you sign up late, or do not qualify as an Attending Entrepreneur, you can sign up as an Attending Sponsor for $125 per person. Attending Sponsors are highlighted on the LaunchCamp website, and enjoy the option of making their contact and business information available to entrepreneurs, speakers, alumni and visitors. A link to the website of their choice is also included.

Gold Sponsor
Gold Sponsors are highlighted on the LaunchCamp website with their logos, and like Attending Sponsors, enjoy the option of adding a link to the website of their choice, as well as the ability to share their contact and business information with entrepreneurs, speakers, alumni and visitors. The cost of the branded Gold Sponsorship is $150, just $25 more than that of an Attending Sponsor.

Premier Sponsor
In addition to the benefits offered to Attending and Gold Sponsors, Premier Sponsors receive:

  1. Prominently displayed online logo and description with links to URL of sponsor's choice on the website
  2. On-site table and promotional opportunities of your choice
  3. Listing in all pre-event and post-event emails (up to eight opportunities)
  4. Prominent on-site signage opportunities, subject to site restrictions and approvals
  5. Custom PowerPoint promotional/call-to-action slide for rotating on-site slide decks
  6. Mentions throughout the day by organizers

A limited number (no more than three) Premier Sponsor opportunities will be made available at $1,000 each.

Platinum Sponsor
In addition to the benefits offered to Premier Sponsors, Platinum Sponsors receive:

  1. On-site raffle or giveaway opportunity
  2. On-site sponsored breakout session
  3. One post-event attendee and alumni sponsored custom email offer

A limited number (no more than three) Platinum Sponsor opportunities will be made available at $2,000 each.

SPECIAL OFFER: Founding Sponsor
If you were involved with the inaugural LaunchCamp event held in Cambridge, MA in February, or want to sign up as a Platinum or Premier Sponsor for one of the upcoming 2010 events, we're offering a special Founding Sponsor discount of 25% on any of these packages.

In-Kind Sponsors
If you have a venue or catering service, we may be able to extend a Hosting Sponsor or Lunch Sponsor opportunity to you. We are also looking for one Lanyard Sponsor for each event; please contact us for more information.

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