Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching Tech Journalists

John Lackey

I recently went to the PubClub’s “meet the media” event – Tech Panel: Pitching High Tech Reporters featuring Mike Farrell of the Boston Globe, Greg Gomer of BostInno, Maryfran Johnson of CIO magazine, Dan Primack of Fortune, and Dan Rowinski of ReadWrite. Whether you are newer to the profession like me, or a grizzled veteran, […]

The Rise of the Integrated Agency?

Change is all around us. If you thought the rise of social media was tumultuous for communicators and management teams, just wait a little bit. The walls are falling all around us. “Fire and brimstone coming down from the sky! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the […]

Communications Lessons from a Sigur Ros Concert

If you missed Sigur Ros on tour this month, boy did you miss out! In the last week this internationally famous rock band from Iceland headlined at Madison Square Garden and the Agganis Area, wowing crowds with their spectacular soundscapes; perfectly choreographed with energetic light shows and videos. Last night I had the privilege of […]

I Want it Now! The Long Path to Overnight Success

“I’ve been working with you for a couple of months, why am I not famous?” A client once said that to me. Well, more than one client. The fact is, he wasn’t famous because these things take time. Very often prospects come to us and say “we’re launching in two weeks and we want big […]

Five Tips for Getting Out of your Parents’ Basement

College students and grads, heed my post. Unless you want to spend an enormous amount of time getting rejected from jobs, interviews and yes, even (unpaid) internships, then read these tips and life lessons. What makes me qualified to advise you on your “unique” journey? I graduated cum laude from Marist College in 2010 with […]

Six Tips for Your PR Spring Cleaning

As we push the clocks forward here in the States (most of us at least), thoughts turn to spring, and it can’t come soon enough in my book. With spring comes the annual tradition of spring cleaning. I’ve always approached spring cleaning as an opportunity to not just sweep out the cobwebs, but also to […]

Some #GrammarDay Advice for PR Pros

Happy Grammar Day, everyone! Each semester, on the first class, I give my students some writing advice that we PR pros need to remember too: Keep it short and sweet. Whether you write for businesses or consumers, remember that they are busy and easily distracted. When in doubt, refer to the AP Stylebook, the closest […]

Oreo's Tasty #Dunkinthedark Tweet: Deeper than cream filling

Millions were spent on Super Bowl advertising and in reality, it all comes down to a Tweet. That’s how Kai Ryssdal portrayed the well-shared tweet from Oreo during the Super Bowl in which the cookie’s branding people jumped on the Superdome blackout, saying “you can dunk in the dark.” But to call this simply a […]

Press Releases Aren't Dead! But We Should Bury Some Myths

I’m tired of hearing that the press release is dead. Sure, it was a great meme in 2006 and it spawned great discussions about a social media release or the press release of the future, but those discussions are over and here’s the fact: press releases aren’t going anywhere. In reality, a release is just […]

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