Press Releases Aren't Dead! But We Should Bury Some Myths

I’m tired of hearing that the press release is dead. Sure, it was a great meme in 2006 and it spawned great discussions about a social media release or the press release of the future, but those discussions are over and here’s the fact: press releases aren’t going anywhere. In reality, a release is just […]

Death of the Twitter Celebrity

**Editor’s Note – Fresh Ground is pleased to welcome Kristin Grages to our team.  In addition to doing great work for our clients, she’ll poke her head in here from time to time to talk about influencer relations, among other things.** Much has been made of the Twitter following some celebrities have. Millions of people […]

Google Moves the Earth

The earth moved under the feet of the PR industry earlier this month when Google did something simple: it distributed its own earnings announcement. It didn’t rely on one of the paid channels such as Businesswire, PR Newswire or Marketwire (among others). To the untrained eye this seems rather simple. Companies put out content all […]

Scientology, Journalism and Money in a New Media World

The age of new media means that anyone can publish. That much we know. But the full implications of this switch are just becoming clear. Take the situation in Tampa Bay, Florida, in which the St. Petersburg Times has a long history of investigative stories about the locally-based Church of Scientology. From a traditional journalistic […]

Pleased and Excited? Oh Please!

A former client of mine was bought recently. Great news for them as they all worked hard and earned the buyout. I’m sure the company buying them knows that they picked up a great technology and a smart team. But when I read the release I almost did a spit-take of my coffee–and what a […]


Yesterday, AOL previewed its new identity to fairly mixed reviews. There’s plenty of conversation about the new logotype, which you can find simply by typing “AOL” in your favorite search engine. What I’m most curious is their resistance to adopting social media technology in their communications. As a member of the IABC working committee on […]