Becoming a True Social Organization: What Phase are You?

Most companies look at Social Media only as a marketing concept. That makes sense, it touches quite a bit of the marketing function such as driving web traffic, engaging and educating prospects, building sales leads, etc. Anyone who watches social media trends knows that it’s moving deeper into the organizations, everywhere from HR to customer […]

What's Your Social Salary Ceiling?

Duck your head, you may be close to hitting your social salary ceiling. I hit mine last year. I think my wife hit hers this year. What do I mean by this? It’s the point at which what you know becomes less important than who you know when it comes to getting your next job […]

iPhone, Gizmodo and Jason Chen: Yes, bloggers are journalists, but is that the issue?

Jason Chen (pictured right) over at Gizmodo had an amazing scoop. For $5000 (paid by Gizmodo) he landed the next-generation iPhone, a gadget left behind at a bar by a poor Apple employee (who is no longer such) and seemingly picked up by a passerby. But now the story has taken a darker turn. Today […]

"It's not about the whiz-bang things!"

Had the pleasure of seeing Scott Monty in action again today, just before my panel with Andrew Sinkov of Evernote and Manish Mehta of Dell. One of the many good points he made during his NewComm Forum keynote is that, ultimately, “social media is not about the tools, technology and whiz-bang things. It’s about culture […]

Scientology, Journalism and Money in a New Media World

The age of new media means that anyone can publish. That much we know. But the full implications of this switch are just becoming clear. Take the situation in Tampa Bay, Florida, in which the St. Petersburg Times has a long history of investigative stories about the locally-based Church of Scientology. From a traditional journalistic […]

Social Media DNA: Does Your Company Have It?

LaunchCamp divided pretty easily into two camps, companies and executives who: Understand social networking technologies inherently; and Know they need to do something, but are not sure what. This divide isn’t new and frankly, it’s not going to end any time soon. In the past I’ve been asked to design training programs only to find […]

Eroding the Trust One Flake at a Time

My previous life found me in the news rooms and control rooms of various Boston TV stations producing the days’ news. And yes, I produced the occasional snow show. Snow shows don’t exist much anymore, but back then when a big storm came to town we’d do “wall-to-wall coverage” of this snow event. We’d put […]

Launching LaunchCamp

We’re now just hours from the start of LaunchCamp Boston, an event designed to help entrepreneurs better understand how to navigate the marketing world to get from idea to launch. The genesis of LaunchCamp came in October 2009, shortly after WebInno 23. At that event a number of journalists sat on a panel discussing how […]

Boston's Serfdom: Beyond Tech

In his Innovation Economy column this week, Scott Kirsner tells the stories of several tech companies that were sold to out-of-state acquirers over the years and openly asks the question: is it better to build and sustain or build to be acquired? In fact, he goes as far as wondering if Boston is forever destined […]

Sliding Through the Sales Funnel: Using PR Ease the Flow

One of the more interesting discussions at last week’s Highland Capital Partners Sales 2.0 event surrounded the lessons enterprise software has learned from the consumer world. Many years ago, while representing Alfresco Software, I remember CTO John Newton talking about the affect Google had on enterprise document management. As he noted, people could go to […]