What Boston Really Needs….

In The Devil Wears Prada there’s this wonderful scene in which Meryl Streep tries to decide on a belt. Anne Hathaway, as her assistant snickers at the prospect of deciding between two belts that look very similar. What she receives next is a smack-down. “You think this has nothing to do with you,” Streep’s Miranda […]

Defining Journalism

Some bloggers are journalists. And some paid reporters aren’t. The “Who is a Journalist?” debate came back at the end of 2011 when Montana blogger Crystal Cox lost a Federal Case focusing on an Oregon law that protects journalists from having to reveal sources. Cox had been sued for defamation by attorney Kevin Padrick in […]

How are you measuring your PR?

Throughout my career companies have asked for coverage. They know what they want to say, they know what they want to promote, they know the sales figures they want to meet. They know they need PR. They just aren’t sure why. Todd likes to say that the best thing about social media and modern PR […]

Just a Number: Measuring Influence is Personal

Mention “Klout” in a social media conversation and you’ll hear groans, frustrations and grumbling. But all those folks know their Klout score. I don’t need to rehash how Klout recently changed its algorithm and sent Twitter ablaze with vitriol. You can read a great piece on the impact and find the alternatives here. But what has […]

Xconomy's Wade Roush Answers: Why You Don't Get Coverage

I love working with Wade Roush. Not only is he a great guy, he’s a smart, serious and intelligent reporter. The only catch is that he is about 3 feet taller than I am, so I strain my neck looking up while talking to him. I may start bringing a step stool. Today he offers […]

Die, Embargo, Die! Die! Die!

InkHouse PR hosted a fascinating online discussion on Wednesday about the fate of the embargo. Hosted by Beth Monaghan, it included insights from Read Write Web’s Marshall Kirkpatrick, Xconomy’s Wade Roush, the Boston Globe’s Scott Kirsner and USA Today’s Jon Swartz. If I were to sum up the whole discussion in a phrase it would […]

Death of the Twitter Celebrity

**Editor’s Note – Fresh Ground is pleased to welcome Kristin Grages to our team.  In addition to doing great work for our clients, she’ll poke her head in here from time to time to talk about influencer relations, among other things.** Much has been made of the Twitter following some celebrities have. Millions of people […]

Michelle Manafy on Clout vs Klout: Fresh Ground #24

In a recent blog post about social media clout (and of course, Klout), Michelle Manafy discussed the difference between IRL clout and real klout. As a person with true clout, who has been in the content industry for a long time, we wondered: does it really matter if you don’t rank as high in the […]

Influence: The Big Picture

A client called B.S. on me today. I was asked to judge the potential influence of a blogger and twitterer who had posted a detailed response to some claims that my client had made about his company’s product. I came back with an answer which was informed not by our usual in-depth analysis, but by […]

Updating Mad Men: Pond's Cold Cream

This week the Mad Men crew got a present just in time for the Christmas episode: Pond’s Cold Cream. One of the old characters returned, having just left one of the big agencies in town he showed up at the doorstep of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce holding a chance to win the business of Pond’s […]