Environmental concern – Not for everyone… yet.

Courtesy of National Snow and Ice Data Center, nsidc.org

I recently read an article in the Seattle Times about arctic sea ice melting at unprecedented rates and Russia’s comment about the resulting new shipping lanes. The good news: this apparently can cut the the journey for some shipping between Europe, Asia and America by 50%. The bad news: rapidly melting arctic ice already affects global […]

Network me out to the ball game

Number 1 son John with his dad, bribed to smile with a sleeve of cotton candy

I hate large networking events. There are loads of people all moving about to occupy time and share a brief moment with as many people as possible. And while I’ve met many nice people at larger events, I prefer an intimate group. I have the luxury of currently participating in two such groups of 8 […]

Silence! Is Voice a Killer App or Huge Distraction?

I started my journalism career in radio, so I have a bit of a bias toward sound.  Nothing, not TV, not print, not Twitter, not Facebook, can convey as much information, texture and beauty as the human voice. For this reason, radio tends to be a relatively tight medium with short stories, quick soundbites and […]

Props to Values

What drives your business? Rosanna M. Fiske, APR, chair and chief executive officer of the Public Relations Society of America…

Meetings, Greetings, and Tweetings

Meetings and Greetings

Networking events serve to connect people, provide an opportunity for introductions, and act as an environment in which to speak about your business. And often they conclude…

Let's Go!

You know that email you’re afraid to send? Or that critique you can’t seem to share? Or that errand you are avoiding? Stop it…