Apple's PR Problem... huh?

So Consumer Reports gave the iPhone a black eye by not recommending it. Sure, it makes for great headlines and has a lot of Apple fans up in arms. Over at Cult of Mac they even interviewed several PR experts to say that this is a disaster for Apple and that Apple MUST recall the iPhone 4.0.

So, how many of you iPhone users turned to Consumer Reports before buying the phone? Anyone? Hello? Go ahead, raise your hand...

BusinessInsider notes that trashing the iPhone is a great PR move for Consumer Reports. That may be true.

You want a better phone than an iPhone? There are a number of better options, just ask my business partner who has a Droid. My wife got herself a Droid Incredible and loves it. Besides, we all know the iPhone drops calls and as a phone is pretty lousy, but it has a great UI and is very easy to use when it comes to apps. We live with the lack of Flash and other quirks because Apple has allowed us to purchase their piece of equipment. Oh, thank you Steve Jobs.

Droid Increidble Needs a Caption, the iPhone Doesn't

When a friend got her iPhone 3GS she told her husband that she had to give up a little love for him so she could make room for her iPhone. My wife's Droid Incredible doesn't have the same impact (or maybe she just hasn't told me about her Droid lover just yet).

Futurama had a great scene recently in which everyone wanted an "Eyephone." After standing for hours in a line Fry finally gets to the front where he greets an unsmiling clerk. "OK, it's $500, you have no choice of carrier, the battery can't hold a charge and the reception isn't very good."

"Shut up and take my money!" Fry shouts.

The scene is funny because it's true.

So what will Apple do? Apple doesn't do PR the way that other companies do it and I don't expect it to start now. Even if the PR team acknowledges hard-nosed tactics like taking down negative posts in their forums, they'll probably say something like "we own the forums and acted in the best interest of our community of readers."

And what about the iPhone 4.0 antenna issue? You can follow Consumer Reports' advice and put a bit of duct tape on it, but I doubt anyone will do that. Why have an iPhone if you're going to mess with it's beautiful lines?

As for Apple, they'll probably publicly ignore the problem, then come out with an iPhone 4.1 and offer all 4.0 people an "upgrade" for a small fee.

Then we'll all shout together "shut up and take my money!"

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