The Three Ailments of Social Media

As social media becomes more and more prevalent in corporate America, I’m seeing three syndromes emerge of what I call “social media saturation.” These are the result of repeated exposure and reduced resistance to many virulent strains of social media memes. One of our many jobs at Fresh Ground is to inoculate you against these […]

Art History Flash Back


Years ago, I would visit art museums, knowing details about famous artists’ masterpieces… how quickly our lifestyle changed when we settled down and had a family.

Updating Mad Men: Taking a Fresh Look at Old Campaigns

Starting today I’d like to try a new regular feature here on Fresh Ground: updating Mad Men campaigns for the social media age. A lot has been made about the fact that the period drama is so fun to look at because its advertising methods are so quaint. In 1964 TV was a relatively new […]

Going Mad over PR: What Mad Men didn't understand and what people still don't get

I love Mad Men. I love it for its 60s style, for its writing, character development and what it says about us today. The fact is, all period dramas (and futuristic science fiction) say more about who we are today than they do about the people they pretend to portray. In a way Mad Men […]

Apple's Presser: The Morning After

It’s no coincidence that Apple held its press event on a Friday. Anyone who has ever worked near politics will tell you that you drop a story on a Friday when you want it to die. It’s an age-old trick. Even better, make it a summer Friday when all the editors are eager to start […]

The iPhone 4: PR Problem or Feature?

When my iPhone 3GS drops a call I blame AT&T. It never occurred to me to blame Apple. Why would I? They designed a beautiful device that does so much more than make calls! Though, the Wall Street Journal suggests that I should, in fact, blame Apple. An article today notes that Apple not only […]

Sipping Wine, Helping our Planet


In need for a relaxing vacation? I have just the place! A week ago, I returned from a trip of rest and relaxation in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley and San Francisco.

A journalist, a lawyer and a PR professional walk into a bar…

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it may not be all that funny to some. Two stories in the most recent “On the Media” have me thinking about the shifting equilibria of both the legal and journalism worlds, and what their implications are for the rest of us… In “The End of […]

It’s ‘skeeter season!


You’re having a nice night out, enjoying the respite from the heat and humidity of the day, quietly sipping your chardonnay, making small talk with your companions… and then the slapping begins. I can deal with spiders, I can deal with bees, I can even deal with ticks. But, I cannot stand mosquitoes. If I […]

Rewards & Awards

At HB, we humbly earn awards from time to time. Thanks to strong partnerships with our clients, here are some of the awards we’ve garnered over the past several months…