You Can’t Buy Serendipity…

... but you can capitalize on it. Dave Carroll, of "United Breaks Guitars" fame, told his story -- and sang a great song at the end, so you will be rewarded for watching it all the way through -- to the attendees of NewComm Forum 2010 today.

Some of the most interesting success stories online -- I'm also thinking about David After Dentist, which got 56 million views compared to Dave's paltry 8.5 million -- came from serendipity.

The question you, as a business owner or marketer, should be asking is not how do you make your viral video, but rather how do you create an organization that is more likely to generate -- and ultimately capitalize on -- creative and engaging content. To a point raised by the opening keynote presenter Jackie Huba, you don't have to be a 1%er to be hugely successful, you just have to empower the 1%ers (the 1% of your community that create content).

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