What We’ve Learned So Far

This video, shot at the last Inbound Marketing Summit, touches on a number of important reminders and, I think, nicely sums up in a minute-and-a-half the last year or so of thought on social media:

  1. It's all about content. Katie Paine answers the perennial chicken and egg question of which comes first -- or rather, which is more important -- content or community: "It's all about the content, and are you coming up with new ideas and new thoughts, because that's what gets people engaged."
  2. It's not just the marketing team's job. Rebecca Corliss reminds us that the marketing team isn't the only group within your organization that should be (and, don't fool yourself, is) using social media.
  3. Engagement means action. Mike Schneider advices us to make sure we've got a call to action in our messaging.
  4. Marketer, know thyself. Gary Vee encourages us to be authentic, honest and transparent.
  5. Measure twice, cut once. I have the last word (not Katie, but I'm sure she'll redress this), and it's on the importance of measurement.
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