What's Your SocialWish? (A Fresh Ground Client)

Our apologies for letting the blog and podcast slip a bit lately. I promise you there's some great stuff coming from us in both camps. Chuck and I have been hard at work ramping up four programs, not to mention trying to keep the momentum going for LaunchCamp as our plans to take it on the road continue to move forward. Stay tuned for a new podcast episode soon!

Chuck and I are out at DEMO Spring 2010 this week, helping our client SocialWish launch. SocialWish combines collaborative social gifting and universal wishlist functionality. Do you have big ticket items in your wish lists or online registries that never get bought? Do you have big dreams that need some funding? SocialWish lets people collaborate to make these dreams and wishes come true. Wish lists aren't new, but SocialWish takes an interesting new spin on an old concept, and we think the time is right -- it's all about "payments" these days, as PayPal rightly pointed out on stage today at DEMO.

Rather than the big splash technique, we're taking what Tony Sapienza calls the "Rolling Thunder" approach here at the show: DEMO attendees get a sneak preview, but you'll have to wait if you're not here. You can, however, sign up for the private beta now. Invitations will go out over the next few weeks...

Stay tuned for more news and updates on what we're working on!

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