My Simple Advice to Protect Your Twitter Reputation

Okay, this is wrong on so many levels: another hacked Twitter account.

Since the Twitter spam seems to be getting out of control, here are a few basic rules:

  1. Don't have a s***ty password.
  2. Change your password occasionally.
  3. Don't click on suspicious links.
  4. Don't enter your password after clicking a link.
  5. No, it WASN'T you.
  6. No, he's NOT 24, female OR horny.
  7. No, you DON'T look funny.
  8. No, you WON'T perform better by clicking a link.

These are basic rules, people. Don't ignore them.

With apologies to the first poor bastard among my Twitter friends whose account got hacked and ended up in my Flickr (and now my blog) feed. If you recognize him despite the bar/blur, let me just say that his other tweets and DMs are spectacular and he now practices safe tweeting I'm sure. 🙂

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1 comment to My Simple Advice to Protect Your Twitter Reputation

  • These are the same rules that we learned years ago when we used email. Now we have to learn them all over again for Twitter. It’s just another electronic social medium – not to be confused with reality.