We’re Incorporated!

Fresh Ground Communications is now officially Fresh Ground, Inc. Yes, we're incorporated (but we'll keep the same logo for the time being)! Same great team, same great services (with more coming soon), but now we have room to grow even more!

If you're currently doing business with us, you'll get a note shortly with the details. If you're not, well, why aren't you?

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1 comment to We’re Incorporated!

  • Here’s the official note that went out to clients:

    As experienced public relations professionals, Chuck and I have long recognized that good PR doesn’t end with the marketing department. So we figured our name shouldn’t end with “Communications” either.

    I am very pleased to announce that Fresh Ground Communications is now Fresh Ground, Inc.

    By incorporating, we will be better able to expand our team and continue to provide the level of service you expect from your Fresh Ground team. The change also recognizes our focus on helping companies become more social — and the reality that this requires more than just the attention of your marketing and PR roles. Truly social companies understand that everyone inside the organization needs to be connected with your communities of employees, customers, partners and influencers. Every single employee shares the responsibility for listening, sharing, learning and — most importantly — changing. We can help you realize this vision.