Cindy Meltzer on the Community Manager: Fresh Ground #8

Cindy Meltzer is the Community Manager at Isis Maternity, where she helped the company dive into social media. Chuck and Cindy met up a few days after LaunchCamp Boston 2010, and right after she changed her title, to chat about her new role and the company’s move into social media. Cindy essentially credits Mike Troiano, one of the keynoters at LaunchCamp, for creating her new job.

Some of the more interesting excerpts:

“[Social media] was … one of [the] hats I was wearing starting about a year ago when I got involved with our Facebook page and created a … Twitter handle for us…”

“[Mike Troiano] gave a description [of the] role of the community manager…. I thought that was really interesting because … well, that’s what I’m doing…. I came back excitedly saying ‘I have a title’…. A light bulb came on, and I [officially] became [a community manager] three days after LaunchCamp.”

“We’re unique because our community exists in real life…. [Our moms are] already online, so we’re just showing them that we’re there too.”

“As soon as I engaged on Facebook, things exploded….”

“I try and keep them talking…. We have a question of the day…. I’ve been experimenting around with what types of questions get the most response, and I’m finding that moms really like to give advice to one another and recommend things to one another…. And I hooked our blog up to Facebook,… so now we get the Facebook traffic over to our blog, which is nice. [Just] doing those two things exploded our number of fans … without much effort.”

“We’re starting really small [with video]. We have a flip video camera and me and my husband filming me in my bathroom, which was the first video blog entry about potty products…. I said ‘hey, let’s bring people into my bathroom,’ so we did.”

“Measurement is becoming more and more of a priority, and [we’re] trying to get a little bit more sophisticated about what we’re doing, rather than having it be shots in the dark.”

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