Oh So Excited! And Pleased!

A former client of mine was bought recently. Great news for them as they all worked hard and earned the buyout. I'm sure the company buying them knows that they picked up a great technology and a smart team.

But when I read the release I almost did a spit-take of my coffee--and what a waste of good coffee that would have been! The release had the typical corporate stuff such as the "leading provider" language and the platitudes of two corporate executives doing a new dance.

But the quote from my former client was... how can I say this lightly... horrible.

I know people have been trashing the poor press release for quite a while and the social media release is at least an attempt at something different. But even that release comes with its own set of canned quotes for reporters, bloggers and other content creators to use at will. So quotes remain an important part of any release process.

However, if any Account Executive handed a quote to me with the opening line of "We're pleased..." and later threw in some "excitement" I'd send it back with the demand that they do some more work.

Of course these executives are pleased and excited. If they weren't why would they be putting out a release? What journalist in their right mind would ever pick up such an inane and lifeless quote? It doesn't say anything. If you're going to write a quote for an executive at least make an effort to have it add some color to the story. Provide a little insight or at least some colorful language.

I know I'm not the only one who believes this, but I know the fight against over-exuberant "excitement" will go on and on and on and on.....

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1 comment to Pleased and Excited? Oh Please!

  • Chuck — couldn’t agree with you more. One of my big PR pet peeves is the quote that begins with “We are thrilled.” See my various rants on this subject (along with examples) at this link:

    As I always say, don’t tell me that you’re thrilled. Tell me WHY you’re thrilled.