New Workshop: Socialize Your Newsletter

[FRESH GROUND NEWS] Chuck and I are pleased to announce the first of a series of new workshops and training offerings for businesses and organizations looking to become more social: "Socialize Your Newsletter":

Your newsletter does a great job of feeding good content to your target audience, but does your newsletter work for all your audiences? Is your newsletter ready for the current realities and future developments of social media? The fact is email is just one channel among many. We can help you take the great content you’re already developing and put it to work feeding the social media channels that will drive future growth.

Through a one-day session the Fresh Ground team will help turn your existing content into the seeds that will help grow your community through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even your own site-specific blog.

Designed for small businesses, the one day, $1,000 program will help in the following areas:

  • Set-up: We will set up a blog for you that is linked to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages. The goal is for you to post once and distribute many. When we leave, one blog post will automatically feed your various social media channels without you having to worry about it. Training about how to setup a simple audio or video podcast is also available.
  • Instruction: The basics of learning the tools to run your social media campaign is half the battle. It won’t take us long to teach you the basics and help you overcome the “fear factor” that many face when first stepping into the social media universe. Let Fresh Ground act as your Sherpa, helping make you comfortable with the tools to help grow your business.
  • Measurement: No tool can be truly useful unless you know how to measure. We will get you started with some basic measurement tools, such as Sitemeter, Google Analytics or even Facebook’s own internal measurement tools. We will also train you on what to look for and how to understand the metrics so you can tweak your program over time.

For more information, and to sign up for the program, visit the workshop page.

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