Eunice Feller on Chocolate, Marketing and Customer Service: Fresh Ground #3

FG_Podcast_Ep_3.jpgIn episode 3 of the Fresh Ground Podcast, Chuck Tanowitz talks with Eunice Feller, owner of Bread and Chocolate Bakery in Newton, Mass. Eunice founded Bread and Chocolate three years ago and has since gained a loyal following of locals. She’s not just attracting neighborhood attention, however: she’s also been named to the coveted Best of Boston list and has seen her confections featured on the cover of the Boston Globe Magazine.

The bakery is a labor of love, and while Eunice has plenty of passion, there is plenty of work. Chuck and Eunice talk about how, despite the glamor put on food prep by the Food Network, it is still very much a physical, blue-collar job. They talk about the tough decisions she needs to make so her passion comes to life and even how she crowdsourced a babka.

Some of the more interesting excerpts:

“Marketing here is everything that interacts with people, and that encompasses customers, employees and vendors.”

“Every facet works toward the brand and if Bread and Chocolate is a brand, the million details we try to pay attention to works toward who we are and what we want to be.”

“I want [my customers] to know my name so if they need a baked good or if they need a dinner because they are having a baby… a ride to the hospital. I want them to feel comfortable enough with us so they feel they can call us to do that.”

About the Fresh Ground Podcast:

Each week, we feature 10 minutes of insights from people driving change in today’s competitive business and media landscape. We talk about the evolving worlds of media, public relations, marketing and business, with a special focus on creating more social organizations.

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