Tiger Woods: Why We Care (and what we can learn)

Just about every crisis PR person on the planet says that Tiger Woods is handling his current PR problem in the wrong way. A quick recap: admit your problem, come out with it fast, don’t let someone else break your news. OK, with that aside let me point out why we care: Tiger Woods isn’t […]

The Social Media Culture

I’ve been pondering a lot recently about the cultural changes that need to be put in place inside organizations to effectively implement Web 2.0 and social media across the enterprise. This recent research from SNCR ‘s Don Bulmer and Vanessa DiMauro shows the reach beyond marketing very clearly. I highly recommend you read this. The […]

Why I'm Growing My Mo'

Two years ago in December, I lost my cousin to cancer. Not even two years later, I want the world to know I haven’t forgotten my cousin. That’s why I grew my mustache and goatee last year, and that’s why I shaved them and started over again this year. (You may not have noticed because […]

The Chief Social Revenue Officer

Or, “Who Owns Social Media (Take 3)” I continue to ponder the cultural implications of social media and Web 2.0. Last week I declared that the CEO owns social media, and I stand by that assertion. But this week I was prompted to ponder this further by a post from Amy Kenly on the Innovation […]

Ultrasounds On-the-Go

Recently, Orlando, Florida hosted the 2009 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions. This is one of the many devices that were on display – and perhaps the coolest. GE’s new ultrasound system is portable and looks much like your favorite…


Yesterday, AOL previewed its new identity to fairly mixed reviews. There’s plenty of conversation about the new logotype, which you can find simply by typing “AOL” in your favorite search engine. What I’m most curious is their resistance to adopting social media technology in their communications. As a member of the IABC working committee on […]

Hollywood Discovers PR and Finds the Past

The New York Times has a rather odd piece from Sunday discussing how the film industry is cutting back marketing budgets and focusing on public  relations instead. I’m sure there is more to this story, but I’m not interested in debating the merits of paid versus placed media. I zeroed in on this paragraph: Disney […]

Define Yourself, LinkedIN

While in New York earlier this week Todd and I attended LinkedIN’s Connect09, which was essentially a sales pitch on their advertising products. Though, I must say, it was one of the most useful sales pitches I’d been to in a while. Also, the eggs at the Le Parker Meridien were among the best I’ve […]

Todd's 2009 Predictions & Recap

It’s predictions season again. As I mentioned on Friday, the Society for New Communications Fellows got their heads together a couple weeks ago on this very subject. I won’t spoil the fun by sharing all of our trends and predictions, but I will look back at my own predictions from last year and some of […]

The Future of…

Last night the Social Media Club Boston met to discuss “The Future of…” a number of subjects: from video to music to money and a couple other topics in-between. The presentations were fascinating, touching on everything from Marxism to augmented reality, trust, underwear and several other sequiturs and non-sequiturs. But the one thing that wasn’t […]