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I'm having an on-again off-again week when it comes to customer service. First, my card scanning software decides to just up and stop working for me -- the customer support from I.R.I.S. has been responsive, but they haven't solved my problem yet (it's been "escalated," and "maybe" I'll hear from them "this week or next"). Then my wife and I are walking near the Kirkland Convenience Store in Cambridge when she starts feeling a blister. A quick trip into the store yields no Band-Aids for sale, but the clerk pulls one out of his wallet and offers it to her.Now that my friends is excellent customer service.

My Weird-Sized Moo Cards

My Weird-Sized Moo Cards

Then I get the cards I ordered from MOO (our first official "Fresh Ground" cards mind you), and they turn out to be slightly larger than your average American business card, despite assurances all over their website that "MOO Business Cards are a standard size." It turns out they're roughly 1/5th of an inch taller than standard cards. That in and of itself is annoying, but not a deal killer, but add to that the fact the the text side of the card is not vertically centered and it simply looks like the card is miscut -- it looks wonky. Have a look for yourself (click on the image for a larger version).

Tell me I'm too picky (I am), or that I didn't read the fine print (they share the dimensions, but I didn't take my ruler out to compare the cards with others I have), but regardless, I was disappointed. So I look for a phone number to call, and it turns out that Moo doesn't list any phone numbers. I understand reserving phone support to paying customers, but once I've spent money with your site I damn well expect to be able to get you on the phone. BIG fail for Moo.

Now it turns out that their customer service, once you actually get them via email, is wonderfully helpful, and they fully refunded my order and I don't have to return the cards. The frosting on the cake? I tweeted about my frustration with Moo, mentioning I may go back to Vistaprint, and guess which company's Twitter account got back to me first? Yep, Vistaprint. (Moo's excuse for coming late to the party? They tweet mostly at night when we're sleeping.)

I'm very curious how quickly I see changes in the FAQ and other descriptive copy at Moo about the size of their business cards. (Has no other American complained about the odd size?) Great customer support and social media outreach don't mean much if the feedback doesn't get back to the product folks.

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