Mass Innovation Day

Kicking off the Panel

Kicking off the Panel

When it comes to attracting talent and publicity, sometimes we're our own worst enemy. Consider the field of PR, for instance, where we cannot publicize our way out of a paper bag when it comes to promoting the role of a PR professional. The same may be true of bringing entrepreneurial and technological talent to the state.

I attended my first Mass Innovation Night last month, a great event put on by Bobbie Carlton each month at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation, and I was nothing but impressed. Today, I attended my first Mass Innovation Day at the State House, and while the panel was absolutely excellent, the whole point of the event -- to bring legislators, entrepreneurs and investors together in the same room -- was, to be blunt, a failure.

How does two out of three work for you? You could count the number of legislators and legislative staff -- at least the ones who volunteered to out themselves as such -- on one hand. So while the kick-ass panel was well received by the audience, the goal of the event was not met as far as I could tell. A shame, because Massachusetts needs all the help it can get promoting the great technology and entrepreneurial space that it is.

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