Presentation to the Women's Bar

I did a presentation to the Women’s Bar Association of Greater Boston over lunch today where I met a lot of interesting people who are practicing law in a number of different areas. Below is the “Social Media for Lawyers 101″ presentation that I created for the event. For the women who may be coming […]

Northeastern “On-Demand”


We partnered with Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies to design their Fall Capabilities package for graduate, undergraduate and fast-tack programs…

Facebook at Work? Of Course!

The Boston Herald today kickstarted a local discussion about social networking at work. In usual tabloid fashion the Herald created a sensational story about the fact that some city employees, like Amy Derjue are updating their Facebook status from city-owned computers, some even going so far as *gasp* playing “Mafia Wars.” I had the chance […]

Ad Age: PR is About More Than Pitching

If you’re still hiring a PR firm to do little more than pitch the media, Ad Age has a wakeup call for you: it’s not working. Today the name of the game is to create compelling content that gets  your community (customers, partners, investors, etc.) interested and invested in your brand. What’s interesting about the […]

Social Media Breakfast Club

In my very first post on this blog, I wrote that “social media is about change management. It’s really about changing the way you do business.” I went on to argue that “integrating social media across the many customer touchpoints (not just the website and phone system, but every single employee of your company) requires […]

Mary Meeker's Mobile Musings

I love the excitement just before a big change. It’s like those butterflies you had as a kid before the first day of school, or the night before a big vacation. It’s that feeling that says “something exciting and cool is about to happen.” I feel that now and it’s all about mobile. Mary Meeker’s […]

Blogging About the Benjamins

Technroati’s “State of the Blogosphere” report is rolling out this week. Today’s release deals with bloggers who get “paid.” First, it’s worth noting that the vast majority of bloggers they surveyed (72 percent) write for fun and do not earn any income from their work. Even of the 28 percent who derive some income from […]

Shut it Down

Social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and other community-based websites have created venues to easily share and distribute personal information. These sites, in conjunction with the development of the smart phone (and the iPhone in particular) have allowed users to share information…

The Evolution (and Dissolution) of PR

As we’ve discussed recently on this blog, PR remains in the hot seat. The latest example of the evils of PR (or at least, the press release) comes from the fake press release issued about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s supposed reversal on climate change. Instead of coming to the defense of PR, many practitioners […]

Making Money in Mobile

Last night’s Mobile Monday event seemed to have it all: a downtown location (The Place); free food and alcohol (one drink per person) a great topic (Making the Mobile Money Flow) and a great group of panelists. But something about it didn’t completely work. The Place, while a great bar, did not lend itself to […]